About This Blog

This blog is written by Vail Mountain School’s college counselor, Marisa Ferrara. It contains her insights and observations about the college process and is designed to help students and parents in making what is arguably one of the biggest decisions high school seniors will make. VMS’s college counseling philosophy encourages communicating an authentic picture of oneself through the application process in order to find a good fit.

Vail Mountain School is K-12, coeducational, college-preparatory school located in Vail, Colorado. Founded in 1962, VMS was established for the benefit of the resort’s first employees’ children, allowing them to spend almost as much time on the mountain as in the classroom. Fifty years later, VMS still combines recreational ski days with a unique blend of progressive and traditional education ideal for college-bound students, and is known as much for its academic rigor as its magnificent location.

Co-curricular programs take full advantage of the school’s surroundings in the community of Vail and the White River National Forest. Located 100 miles west of Denver, VMS also provides flexible programming for aspiring snow-sport athletes committed to a college preparatory education.

Celebrating its 50th academic year in 2012-2013, Vail Mountain School offers:
-A diverse and welcoming environment;
-A close and caring community;
-A teaching faculty composed of dedicated individuals; and
-A thoughtfully conceived and mission-driven curriculum.


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