Northwestern University

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This afternoon I was at the conclusion of my visit to Northwestern, and in the five minutes it took me to walk from the center of campus back to the bus, I proceeded step by step with confidence, pretending that I was a student just briefly. Over 2000 students on campus this morning took their official walk onto campus to begin their journey as a Northwestern student. I was lucky enough to begin my day witnessing one of the most cherished and long standing traditions at Northwestern: March through the Arch.  Led by a Big Ten marching band, together the first-years passed through the iconic arch that clearly marks the entrance to campus. Families looked on with pride and some tears of joy, and Northwestern purple adorned the crowd having just made purchases at the university bookstore. A mixture of gothic architecture and less attractive 70s contemporary design made for a stark contrast as backdrop. Nevertheless, the campus is flanked by beautiful Lake Michigan; and in fact, the campus was once expanded creatively by installing dunes to increase Evanston acreage. This medium sized private research institution of over 8000 undergrads boasts spirit and a sense of community among true intellectuals.


One thought on “Northwestern University

  1. This is my alma mater and I loved every minute of my time at this school. Please don’t hesitate to have interested VMS students reach out to me with any questions. It’s a great school!!

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